kudos-agfd aluminium glazed fire doors


SCHUCO FIRESTOP T90 90/90 Rated Fire Door Systems Schüco Firestop T90 fire-resistant system 90/90 rated for doors and glazed units System Overview

The fully approved aluminium door and wall units prevent the uncontrolled spread of fire for a period of 90 minutes.

Firestop T90 doors
• Clear opening dimensions
Single-leaf door: 1312 x 2493mm
Double-leaf door: 2648 x 2493mm
• Single or double-leaf with toplight / sidelight, inward / outward opening
• Proven security: fire protection in accordance with DIN 4102 and DIN EN 1634, and smoke protection in accordance with DIN 18095
• Multi-purpose groove for fast push-in fixing of system fittings
• Fittings approved in accordance with DIN EN 179 / 1125
• For internal use Firestop F90 wall unit
• Unit heights up to 4500mm
• Max. Glass size: 1400 x 2300mm
• Robust aluminium profiles with a basic depth of 105mm for internal and external use With the appropriate fire-resistant glazing, the fully approved aluminium door and wall system meets all the requirements of fire resistance classes T90 / F90 in accordance with DIN 4102, and class EI90 in accordance with DIN EN 1364 / 1634.

Optional fittings can be added to the fire-resistant constructions, for example, to convert access control into multi-purpose units; these constructions can also be integrated into the building automation system. The fire door and fire-resistant wall units with the narrowest profile face widths offer an ideal combination of security, functionality and good design; the appearance and fabrication are identical to Schüco Firestop II.

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